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20 years of Expanding the Galaxy

Process :

  • 1. Design and copywriting
  • 2. Production
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Celebrating 20 years of LEGO Star Wars: A galactic building odyssey


In 1999, the worlds of LEGO and Star Wars merged, embarking on a space adventure that has captivated millions of children and fans of the saga across the globe.


Today, to commemorate two decades of creativity and passion, LEGO® unveils its special collection: the 20th Anniversary Edition of LEGO Star Wars.




A digital film conceived by MUTT

This 20-year journey is celebrated through an exceptional digital film, masterfully crafted by MUTT agency.


With a hint of humor, the film delves into the deep and evolving relationship a fan shares with his favorite collection—a passion he now joyously passes on to his daughter, renewing the magic cycle of LEGO Star Wars.



Two Decades of Epic Builds



Together, we have been expanding the galaxy for 20 years!


This statement perfectly encapsulates the campaign, highlighting the special bond between the LEGO Star Wars range and its community.


With unparalleled mastery of the saga's intricacies, LEGO Star Wars continues to offer an immersive and exceptional building experience, allowing fans of all ages to partake in the legend.


LEGO Star Wars is not just a toy collection; it's a rich legacy that intertwines with the mythology of Star Wars, affirming its place in the pantheon of legends.


Today more than ever, LEGO Star Wars is a cornerstone of pop culture, celebrating a story of innovation, sharing, and boundless imagination.



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