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Children first!

For the "Kids First" operation, Cultura reimagines the in-store experience with a radio dedicated to the youngest

For its "Kids First" initiative, Cultura made an interesting decision: to entrust the management of its InStore radio to children.


For a month, the atmosphere in Cultura stores vibrated to the rhythm of childhood, offering an exceptional playlist and a series of original programs, broadcast throughout its sales points.


The in-store radio: More than just background music, a true medium


Cultura's goal is clear: to elevate its InStore radios to the rank of an essential medium, especially during thematic events such as "Kids First!" In collaboration with the family content creation agency MUTT, Cultura developed a dynamic content strategy for the radio, mixing discussions on children's favorite superheroes and special music selections, turning every store visit into a unique and memorable experience.


Innovation in content creation for store radios


Cultura's advanced use of in-store radio perfectly illustrates how in-store content management can transcend usual practices, often limited to musical programming or brand sound branding. The integration of a robust, family-oriented content strategy enriches this medium, reflecting the brand's vision and values.


Cultura wanted to offer an extraordinary experience to the visitors of its 85 stores with the "Kids First!" program. This initiative shows how the creation of original content, centered on the interests and imagination of children, can transform the in-store experience and strengthen brand identity.