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Children first!

For the "Children First" operation, Cultura dared to leave the keys of its InStore radio to children. The mood of Cultura radio therefore resounded for a month to the sound of childhood. An exceptional playlist was put in place as well as a grid of original programmes created and broadcast in all Cultura shops.



In-store radio, a real media


The ambition is to make Cultura's InStore radio stations grow and become a full-fledged media during special operations that perhaps "Children First! For this children's theme month, we have teamed up with the St John's agency to create a theme radio station where original programmes such as "Who is the strongest superhero?" alternate with musical tracks chosen for the occasion.



Creating original content for in-store radio


This extensive use of the radio in shops is an interesting idea. For practical reasons, in-store radios are under-exploited. The integration of content is often limited to the selection of a music programme, sometimes a corporate design.  The integration of a content strategy gives nobility to this medium while conveying the vision and attitude of the brand.


It is a rich programme, far removed from the promotion that Cultura wanted to offer visitors to its 85 shops during the "Children First" month.