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The Chef’s Kiss of Musical Identitie

For many years, the Cardigans' "Lovefools" music served as background music for theElle & Vire, brand, embodying its musical identity until 2017.


However, in 2017, a decisive turning point in the brand's history took place. Elle & Vire chose to reinvent itself by adopting a bespoke musical identity, abandoning the simple synchronisation of commercial songs.


A personalised musical identity


This musical identity, developed and produced by MUTT, is now a central pillar of Elle & Vire's branding. It accompanies all the brand's campaigns, becoming an integral part of its DNA. We are proud to announce that Elle & Vire has recently renewed its contract for the next three years.




This major change took place in several phases:


  • The first step was to redefine the brand's musical strategy, moving away from simple synchronisation towards authentic music that would offer greater freedom of expression.


  • The second phase enabled Elle & Vire to embody its vision by creating an original track, "Make it worth," conceived in a pop style while reflecting the brand's core values.



Once the first two phases had been validated, the third stage was to roll out the new musical identity across all the brand's media. Then came the period of acceptance by the public used to the old music.



This strategic choice is a further step that affirms the musical territory while offering new perspectives and new territories of expression.


A lasting musical identity



What makes this transition unique is its ability to stand the test of time. Today, the bespoke musical identity designed and produced by the agency is firmly anchored in the DNA of the Elle & Vire brand. Not only does it feature in all our television and digital campaigns, it also extends to future communications projects, both internal and external.



This evolution demonstrates the ability of this musical identity to adapt, evolve and remain relevant over the years, consolidating its role as an essential component of Elle & Vire's communication.




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