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The New Notes of Excellence

Since 2009, the captivating guitar riff from Yes's song « Owner of the Lonely Heart » had been the heartbeat of Allianz France's identity.


However, times change, and with them, the sounds of a brand must evolve. Recently, Allianz France teamed up with Ogilvy (H&O) and MUTT to craft a fresh sonic identity in alignment with its renewed spirit.


Farewell to the iconic guitar riff; a new melody arises! The goal was clear: to find music that embodies Allianz's new vision while echoing its strength as a major insurance group.


Harmony and Unified Choice



In the heart of creative workshops, various melodies were explored to capture the essence of Allianz. Among them, one melody stood out for its authoritative and unifying character. An orchestrated composition carried by harmonizing choirs and an enchanting melodic motif swiftly emerged as the undeniable choice. It mirrors the reassuring and robust image of Allianz.



A Melody for Every Interaction


This unique and tailor-made melody has now become the auditory backdrop for all of Allianz France's communications. From TV commercials to online videos, even to telephone hold music, it accompanies every interaction the brand has with the world.


The Symphony of Evolution


This shift is far more than a mere musical change; it signifies Allianz's ability to evolve in tune with the times while staying true to its roots. It introduces a new note in the symphony of Allianz France's history, one that resonates its commitment to customers and unity.


Welcoming the Future's Melody


As the iconic guitar riff bids adieu, Allianz France welcomes a melody that ushers in the future with a touch of freshness.


Each note of this new melody encapsulates their stability and forward-looking vision. So let the music begin, as this new chapter resonates with triumph!


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