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Adults welcome!

Process :

  • 1. Design and copywriting
  • 2. Production
  • 3. Delivery

LEGO has become a phenomenon among adults!


To effectively target this audience, MUTT orchestrated an OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertising campaign. This traditional communication mode and medium were used with the idea of contextualizing the entire campaign with the displayed messages.


OOH Advertising Strategy for LEGO



The Parisian transport network as a backdrop


Urban transport networks, like the Paris metro, prove to be powerful expression platforms in this strategy, reaching a considerable audience. Leveraging this media channel, we closely collaborated with LEGO to develop this campaign, jointly defining the tone and creative direction.

The result? A series of eight posters, encouraging the people of Île-de-France to rediscover the LEGO brand in a new light during their commutes.


LEGO unveils its promise to adults


"Welcome Adults" is more than a slogan; it's an ambitious vision. LEGO directly addresses adults with a collection that transcends the traditional idea of toys to embrace various passions. The campaign is structured around eight distinct narrative axes, each story targeting a specific interest.

An initiative that aims to connect with adults by linking LEGO to their passions, from exploring new horizons to art.


Creative and engaged content strategy



Each poster was designed to harmonize with its location, illustrating, for example:


  • At the Italie station, a charming nod with "Next stop: ROME", adorned with a Vespa made of LEGO bricks.


  • At the Concorde station, a poster that celebrates aviation with the famous supersonic Concorde airplane.



Under LEGO's guidance, MUTT explored a range of diverse themes, from timeless flower bouquets to models of iconic monuments, thus highlighting the diversity of LEGO's offering for adults, a key strategic approach.



Every Parisian journey is a discovery



Thanks to a rich poster campaign, MUTT invites creative immersion into the world of LEGO for adults, offering a window into this world to individuals far from traditional toy retail points.





A Successful Synergy


This campaign materialized through close collaboration, merging the creative talents of the LEGO team and MUTT, reinforced by the expertise of INITIATIVE Paris and Métrobus.

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