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The Music to be Played

“The music to be played” is the promise offered by SHIVER


The CULTURA brand of musical instruments cultivates a positioning oriented towards accessibility to instrument playing and the feeling of being able (at last) to play an instrument. In order to be able to do this, SHIVER nourishes a passion for reliability across its range, while being closely attentive to:

  • The design
  • The look
  • And the price

These are the principles that make it possible for both a debutant and an experienced blues player to take the leap into the deep end of playing an instrument with SHIVER.


Creating useful content for the beginner and the seasoned musician

SHIVER has close ties with CULTURA, but also stands on its own as a brand with a strong identity oriented towards musicians. This DNA is essential to its communications strategy and its vision of content production.

Whether they focus on the product or more on lifestyle, all the productions made for SHIVER are created for musicians of all levels. For all those who want to start learning an instrument and those who want to expand their musical universe by taking on a new instrument.

SHIVER’s ambition is to accompany its musical public every step of the way. With the additional challenge provided by a creative brief:

That the films produced are useful to a beginner drummer, an amateur pianist or a concert guitarist.

Incarnating the playing instruments, from folk to hard rock

In order to meet this challenge, we focused on a more in-depth development of SHIVER’s positioning, and proposed a series of films that speak directly to the musician’s emotions – because while the musical universe gathers in all players of all instruments, the needs and the desires of the future pianist are going to be very different from those of the studio drummer.

Each musician, whether amateur or professional, will experience a widely different range of emotions when they choose their instrument!


A familiar scene: a practice room !

At the beginning of the process, the context and the structure for the series of films created for SHIVER were central to our work with them. We chose to situate them in a setting that is familiar to all musicians: a practice room. In this case, it was the practice room for the SHIVER team at CULTURA’s Bordeaux headquarters, the spot where the members of the team test the instruments or have their practice sessions for their own rock group...Authenticity is vital in creating content!


There were no actors – only genuine “amateurs” testing the instruments

What is the objective of the films made for SHIVER ?

Quite simply, it’s to provide a venue for a demonstration of each instrument - to play various familiar riffs and to see how each instrument reacts when played by an experienced musician.

We could have opted to do this exercise using professional studio musicians, experts used to using microphones and cameras, and above all musicians capable of drawing music from “bits of wood” through their extraordinary technical ability alone. But by choice, and for ethical reasons, we opted to hand over the entire range of SHIVER instruments to passionate amateurs in the best sense of the word, people who love music for its own sake, and to demonstrate each instrument in a context that is both aesthetic and realistic.

A marketing collection with a rock’n’roll vibe

In the galaxy of brands developed by CULTURA, SHIVER has had a pop rock feel to it from the start - a little bit rebellious and deliberately so. This specific vibe has been integrated into the tutorial collection. Every artistic choice made has been made with this quality at its core. The orange and black casing, the players’ looks, and the tone of the wording.

The objective of the operation– to inform the public, hungry for details, and to help people make their final choice... has not been left behind. Because this is the hardest step for them. The most essential elements are thus integrated and highlighted through motion design, to bring out the technical aspects without adding any superfluous weight to the information provided.


Attentiveness to marketing content for multiple formats

For this campaign (as for the others), MUTT has affirmed its multiple format vision for the formats produced. Each film is designed to be natively effective on all the brand’s distribution networks (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, the e-commerce platform and In store).

The content produced is designed to last over time. It provides support for musicians that want the right information to help them make their choices. The films are designed to remain useful over time and to be complemented by other films that will enrich the series and the product documentation.